Introducing Team Comma


There are 11 riders who will be participating in ACT 10 this year under the Team Comma umbrella. Team Comma will be representing First Congregational UCC to help raise funds for those living with HIV/AIDS supported by AIDS Network here in Madison and southwest Wisconsin. The ride will be held August 2-5. Opening Ceremonies will begin at 7:00am Thursday morning at Olbrich Park and closing ceremonies will be held at 3:00 Sunday afternoon on the Square. The group will travel 300 miles over the four days. There are several ways you can support the Team on their endeavors. You can contribute individually to a team member, you can contribute to the team (and funds can be dispersed to each rider, as needed) or you can buy a t-shirt, which will be available starting next Sunday, July 22nd. Each rider has a goal of $1200 to raise to support the great cause. Riders include: Jeanne Marshall, Sue Jones, Pam Asquith, Kristin Kanitz, Austen Wygocki, Melissa Baumann, Kim Marshall, Alexander Dunn, Jacob Kelley, Cathy Noth and Eldonna Hazen.


Posted on July 17, 2012 at 10:33 am in Featured.

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