More Than Death

Last Saturday the nation received the news that Senator John McCain had lost his life a year after he had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has rarely been seen in the last year as he went through treatment, but he stayed as engaged as possible with his work in the Senate. Since his death he has been hailed as a maverick and hero. He was a man known to embody the words character, integrity, courage, and honesty. Whether you agreed with him politically or not, he was a man that spoke truth, was invested in the good of all people, and wasn't afraid to say he had made a mistake if proven wrong. Senator McCain's death is a loss to his family and friends, because they loved and cherished him. But because he was a man of principle, his voice and challenges will be missed on the wider stage.
This is a time for all of us to look within our own hearts, characteristics and actions to see how we might be remembered and what our legacy might look like to others. Few of us have been a prisoner of war like Sen. McCain, a time when he refused to be released earlier than others, because he didn't think it was fair to be released because he was "an admiral's son." Following his release, he lived the rest of his life with physical and mental reminders of his five years of captivity, much like how the Israelites must have felt. But his experience of being a prisoner of war sharply focused his actions on the good of others rather than dwelling on his own suffering. He definitely earned the title of a great leader.
The nation will mourn the loss of Senator McCain, but it is important that we not lose the ideals for which he stood. Now more than ever, it is important to look for people who embody courage, character, integrity, and honesty as friends and elected officials. This can be a time when we feel a loss, which we will, but we can also recognize and honor his traits by making them come alive inside of us and the people we vote for to represent us on all levels of government.
~ Eldonna hazen

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 11:40 am in Featured Content.

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